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Partner with Us

We want to work with London-based organisations, or those who’s work has wider implications in London, to help drive local impact in our communities.


Whether you are a big NGO or a small initiative, we want to hear from you and see whether there are opportunities to collaborate.


The London Hub is a diverse group of 40 individuals ranging from 19-33 years old. Our members are from wide-ranging backgrounds, including artists, charity fundraisers, journalists, activists, healthcare professionals, students, engineers and entrepreneurs.

In addition to collaborating on projects, we are very happy to provide a youth perspective as part of consultancy work, surveys or policymaking, and offer our collective expertise to drive change. 

Interested in learning more?

Please send us the following information to help us better understand what you're looking for and how we can collaborate:

  • What is the organisation's mission?

  • What are the key challenges you are facing right now?

  • How can the London Hub support you? 

  • What timeline are you working towards?

  • Is there anything relevant you'd like to share? 

Partner with Us
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