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Alexandra launches adaptive fashion brand

We are very proud of our London Shaper, Alexandra Kutas, the world’s first runway model in a wheelchair, who launched her adaptive clothing brand this week at the British Fashion Council's Fashion Awards.

Alexandra has teamed up with Avant-Garde Ukrainian fashion designer Fedir Vozianov to launch Puffins, a premium outerwear brand aiming to prove clothing that make life much easier for people with disabilities can possess unique and stylish design.

The brand’s first signature product is the “Puffin Jacket”, a rain jacket/windbreaker with a suite of features unparalleled in the adaptive fashion market. Along with standard rain and wind protection, the Puffin Jacket’s features include:

  • Magnetic Buttons for easy dressing

  • Detachable leg-covering for seated-use

  • Heavy-duty waterproof sleeve guards for manual wheelchair users

  • Easy Read Care Label - adapted for people with dyslexia and visually impaired people

  • Touch and feel size tag

  • Active fitting - for ease and comfort of physical movement

For more information, visit


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