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Daisy's busy stint with the bbc talking arts and health

Daisy Fancourt, who joined Shapers in 2017, has been gracing the BBC left right and centre!

Daisy has an ongoing position as a BBC New Generation Thinker, and in the last month alone has been on the radio 14 times, including the Today Programme, BBC Radio 3 In Tune and BBC Radio 3 Music Matters, as well as BBC Tomorrow’s World. Daisy presented her own BBC Radio 3 programme on the preventative health effects of the arts and presented a BBC Ideas short film on arts on prescription.

She has also launched the Great British Creativity Test which is a citizen science experiment designed to investigate more about how everyday creative activities affect our emotions. Please do take part!

Congratulations Daisy on your on-going successes, and raising the importance of arts on people's health and wellbeing.

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