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Christian gets recognised as leading role model in LGBT+

We are very excited to share that our very own Christian Tooley has been named as one of the 100 LGBT+ Future Leaders. The 100 LGBT+ list has been prepared by INvolve - The Inclusion People & supported by Yahoo Finance to recognise business leaders and allies who are breaking down barriers and creating more inclusive workplaces across the world.

Christian is a queer entrepreneur, innovation & strategy consultant, founder & CEO, startup advisor, venture scout and builder, working and hustling at the beautiful (yet underserved) interlock of innovation, intersectionality, and investments. His work founding i³ investing helps LGBTQ+ founders and consciousness investors connect. His eclectic leadership and expertise across London and Hong Kong has enabled him to push for advancement across corporate, entrepreneurial, political, and social spheres. From setting up a Fortune 500 company’s 1st Pride Network in Asia, and driving awareness for BAME and mental health communities, to supporting policy submissions on progressive LGBTQ+ legislation. As a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and inaugural member of The Alliance by McKinsey & Company, Christian will continue to shape future LGBTQ+ progress. As an innovation and new ventures leader, he offers unique perspectives on bridging social impact with the business world. His philosophy on ‘Intersectional Incredibles’ will continue facilitating inclusive and sustainable growth for all those he empowers.

You can access the full list here:


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