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Katie's report on systems change for the charity sector

Global Shaper, Katie Boswell, Deputy Head of Funders at NPC, launched a new report on systems change for the charity sector. Thinking Big argues that too many charities deal with the symptoms of social problems rather than the root causes. Yet the language of 'systems change' can be off-putting and inaccessible. Supported by Lankelly Chase Foundation, NPC set out to provide accessible and practical guidance on how charities can tackle deep-seated social problems. The research gathered insights from Coventry to Cape Town, from Nepal to Nairobi, from Southwark to Seattle, from Oxford to Adelaide. 

Thinking Big outlines five rules of thumb for charities:

1 Understand your context. 2 Know yourself and the assets you have. 3 Think systemically by considering underlying causes and interdependencies. 4 Learn and adapt. 5 Recognise change is about people and their values and beliefs. Read the full report at:


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