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Examples of Previous Projects


Access to Education

Enabling London-based young people at risk of joining gang violence, knife crime, extremism or radicalisation to access holistic and practical education and further growth opportunities.

We delivered a three-pronged approach for 16-25 year olds, with technical skills training and interactive workshops such as c.v writing, interview preparation, negotiations skills and meditation for sustained personal and professional development in tech.



We witnessed an extraordinary year as the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about our lives. During the first lockdown, our hub came together to inspire the younger generation to take action and support vulnerable populations. Through a social media awareness and campaign pledge system, the London Hub worked across the city to inspire and motivate individuals to support those around them. 

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People are not being paid fairly; salaries differ based on gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and disability. However, the pay gap has not yet been addressed through an intersectional lens. We're launching a social media campaign requesting people to share their salary figures and the hashtag #letstalkaboutpay. After starting a discussion on the pay gap, we will (with strategic partners) collect data from employers in London. We’ll produce reports on the intersectionality of pay gaps, and run trainings to empower individuals to be more open about discussing salaries. We aim to put this issue on employers’ agendas.

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We're living in a world of increasing connectedness, but loneliness is a growing mental health and social issue that affects millions across the globe - especially young people, the elderly and migrants. We are building an interactive social platform, profiling people from different backgrounds on their experience of social isolation and how they combat it. Using these insights, we will run a series of offline events in the capital to bring people together and build a new community

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“Shape7” was an international collaboration between World Economic Forum Global Shapers’ hubs across the G7 community (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States of America, as well as the European Union). Together, we hosted youth- led consultations in these countries on the G7 theme of “Jobs of the Future.” These sessions involved a diverse range of youth from the private, public, and non-profit sectors; education levels; backgrounds, and employment status. The input received from these consultations has been compiled into a report, including seven “Principles for action” that the youth of the G7 can strongly stand behind. The full report will now be presented at the G7 meeting in June, as well as the Y7 youth summit.

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The London Shapers came together to launch a pan-Hub project on the future of health. The report, co-ordinated by Mumbai Shaper Marcus Ranney, invited Shapers from across the globe to write a chapter in their area of expertise, about what healthcare will look like in 2030. From drones to quantum computing, to challenges in health inequalities.



The Future of Politics

The Fourth Group (founded by Global Shaper, Alvin Carpio), held their first global gathering to discuss the future of politics worldwide, in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. The conference covered the intersection between politics and technology, and saw an amazing array of thought-leaders in this space attend. In addition to Alvin, Matt Clifford, Symeon Brown and Tat-Seng Chaim were all involved in delivering this project

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