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The London Global Shapers, in collaboration with NGOs, businesses and social enterprises, are launching a new initiative that encourages people to come together with friends, family, colleagues and strangers to find common ground.

Join us on Tuesday the 19th May to celebrate Unity Day - a day where people will take actions, big and small, to unite with someone, or something new.


Global Unity Day is a day to get people thinking consciously, creatively and joyously about unity: a day to empower people to go beyond their comfort zones and filter bubbles and build a connection with someone they wouldn’t ordinarily interact with.

A day to pledge to do something different.



"Create an art installation that lets people in our apartment building get to know each other better!"



"Donate food to a food bank more often!"



"Go and visit a local, lonely, older person on a regular basis - either independently or through a charity"

Recent Pledges

Submit Your Pledge
Information submitted here will be kept confidential, and only used for the purpose of the campaign. We may contact you at a later date to update you about the campaign.


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