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How to apply to the Global Shapers' London Hub - 

2022 Recruitment Timeline

27 Mar 2022 (Sunday)

Applications close at BST 5 pm

11 Mar 2022 (Friday)

Shapers' Recruitment Evening Event (in person)

06 Mar 2022 (Sunday)

Shapers' Recruitment Afternoon Event (in person)

28 Feb 2022 (Monday)

Applications Open

25 Feb 2022 (Friday)

Shapers' Recruitment Evening Event (online) 

30 Apr 2022 (Saturday)

Interview Day (either in person or online)

Application close

We published a post about recruitment, with plenty of information on the process, why you should apply and what it is like to be a global shaper.

IMPORTANT: As of the 2021 intake, the age requirements to join the Global Shapers community have changed: you must be aged 18 to 27 inclusive at the time of nomination, which is the 1st of July of each year at the London Hub.


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