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How to apply to the Global Shapers' London Hub - 

2022 Recruitment Timeline

27 Mar 2022 (Sunday)

Applications close at BST 5 pm

11 Mar 2022 (Friday)

Shapers' Recruitment Evening Event (in person)

06 Mar 2022 (Sunday)

Shapers' Recruitment Afternoon Event (in person)

28 Feb 2022 (Monday)

Applications Open

25 Feb 2022 (Friday)

Shapers' Recruitment Evening Event (online) 

30 Apr 2022 (Saturday)

Interview Day (either in person or online)

Application close

We published a post about recruitment, with plenty of information on the process, why you should apply and what it is like to be a global shaper.

IMPORTANT: As of the 2021 intake, the age requirements to join the Global Shapers community have changed: you must be aged 18 to 27 inclusive at the time of nomination, which is the 1st of July of each year at the London Hub.


  • What's the age limit?
    The Global Shapers must be aged 18 to 27 (inclusive) at the time of nomination, which for the London hub is the 1st July of each year.
  • I'm not in London very often, is this a problem?
    Whilst we appreciate that many Global Shapers are also global jet-setters, we expect Shapers in the London Hub to spend the majority of their time in London, so as to benefit and contribute fully to the hub.
  • What's the time commitment?
    In reality, it will fluctuate a lot depending on how many Shaper events you attend, projects you organise or activities you engage with. The expectation is to be able to contribute at least 2 hours per week.
  • I have applied before, can I reapply?
    Of course you can! However, we suggest that if you were unsuccessful in the past, we recommend you have a reason as to why you reapplied. A new job, your startup has launched, the impact of your work was realised etc. Being a year older is unlikely to be sufficient.
  • What's your diversity policy?
    We welcome and encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds, genders, nationalities and abilities. We do however take into account the make up of the hub as a whole, and every year we may target specific groups and areas to improve on.
  • How are the applications assessed?
    Each application is assessed by at least four Shapers, based on a broad range of criteria and the mean score is taken. Where there is significant variability in the scores put forward by the reviewers, those applications are re-assessed. Where a Shaper knows an applicant, socially or professionally, they are unable to assess the application or interview the applicant.
  • What is meant by achievement?
    Each person will achieve in different ways, and this will vary across sectors. Acheivements do not exclusively mean university degrees, international prizes or funded companies. Achievements can equally be being a brilliant member of your local community, a well respected individual in your sector, or a skilled and talented artist.
  • What is the application process for transfers?
    Given the volume of applications in London, transfers from other Hubs need to undertake the same application process as new Hub applicants. A letter from support from your current Hub can be included as part of the application process.
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