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London Hub


Global Shapers are expected to take part in Hub projects. Projects can be anything from an event, to a report, to a campaign. Some projects are coordinated within a single Hub, whereas others can be pan-Hub projects, sometimes drawing together Shapers from across the globe.


The key is for the project to generate some positive social impact. Core impact areas as well as highlighted projects can be found on the Global Shaper website.


This project is designed to improve equity access to arts and cultural activities by creating cultural opportunities for young people with less advantaged backgrounds.


The Global Shapers London Hub will deliver a program over 8 weekends, which will expose participants to different types of arts including museums, theatre and music.

Financial Education

The financial education project is designed to  empower the younger generation to be more money-conscious. We want to prepare young individuals for their adult life by teaching them money managing skills.

The London Hub will create and deliver an exciting game that teaches young people how to manage their money through a typical month in adult life, along tips and explanations of common financial terminology and concepts. The game wil be delivered in schools and offered to teachers with a training packet to create a self-sustaining model. 

Project Accelerate

London has incredible opportunities for start-ups, from accelerators to innovation Hubs and government support. Non-profits, however, have difficulty accessing quality support. 

The London Hub has created a pro-bono consultancy initiative that pools that expertise of the Hub and provides support and strategic advice to non-profits. Non-profits come to the Hub with a specific challenge and leave with a proposed solution.

Shaping Disability

More than 15% of the world’s population is estimated to be living with some form of disability. They are also the fastest growing and largest minority group in the world.

The London Hub will host the global Shaping Disability Summit in November 2022, bringing together actors, young professionals, activists and academics from around the world to discuss the leading topics around disability. 

Shaping Fashion

The Shaping Fashion project is a cross-hub collaboration across the Global Shaper community, with a mission to spread the word and activate hubs and their communities to become fashion revolutionaries!


The London Hub is working with other Hubs around the world on a social media campaign to draw attention to Shaping Fashion and the Fashion Revolution Week 2022. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and activate (young) people to rethink the sustainability of fashion and consumption patterns, and to have people’s voices heard in dialogues and shape a community-wide plan for sustainable fashion.

Find out more about our past projects here 
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