London Hub


Global Shapers are expected to take part in Hub projects. Projects can be anything from an event, to a report, to a campaign. Some projects are coordinated within a single Hub, whereas others can be pan-Hub projects, sometimes drawing together Shapers from across the globe.


The key is for the project to generate some positive social impact. Core impact areas as well as highlighted projects can be found on the Global Shaper website.


The Global Shapers London Hub aims to deliver a three-pronged programmatic approach for 16-25 year olds, with technical skills training and interactive workshops such as c.v writing, interview preparation, negotiations skills and meditation for sustained personal and professional development in tech.


We aim to enhance the use of design strategy and facilitate local solutions to global issues among young people in London.

We want to nurture curious young people who may not have the access to design strategy expertise and help them contribute/build practical recovery solutions for Covid-19 in their local community/borough.

Mentor Me

A simple mentor matching making platform that matches young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 16+ to shapers with experience in areas of interest

Teacher Assisting a Student