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Connect with London Hub

London is one of the most active Global Shaper hubs because of the number of international Shapers that pass through this great city. As a result, we have tried to help signpost the best ways of reaching out to both London Shapers and Global Shapers in London. 

If you are based in London and not a Shaper, but keen to know more, interact with the group informally or apply in the next few years, we would love to get to know you too through open events, just join the mailing list.

Check our privacy policy regarding how we process and use the data.

I am a London Shaper...

The main way we connect is through our mailing list and the Whatsapp group. Please contact the current curators, if you are not receiving these communications.

I am a Shaper from a different Hub...

Many Shapers around the globe pass through London on holiday, for studies or work, sometimes for days, at times for years. Fill out the form and stay connected with the Shaper community. There are numerous events and opportunities open to all Shapers, as well as informal social activities organised by your fellow Shapers. 

I'm a Londoner and keen to know more...

What's this "Shapers" malarkey?? 

If you're based in London, keen to know more about the community, or just up for meeting a dynamic group of young people, some of our events are open to all so please join the mailing list to hear about them! Applications open ~mid March every year too so keep an eye on our applications page.

I am a London Shaper Alumni

If you were ever in the London Global Shapers Hub, we have set up an Alum Google Group mailing list so you can keep in contact with the group, even after you've left. 

I want to sponsor the Hub

We host regular events, both educational and social, some of which are part of wider WEF or Global Shaper initiatives and some are local.

If you are interested in hosting an event or sponsoring the hub more broadly, we would be thrilled to discuss further.


If you don't fall into any of these categories and your question hasn't been answered please fill out the contact form here.

We appreciate your patience, as this is a volunteer activity and we receive a high volume of communication. We aim to respond within 10 days.

Thanks! Message sent.

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