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Yang's company raises £2.6M in seed funding

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

London Global Shaper, Yang Liu, has successfully raised £2.6 million in seed funding for her company, JustWears.

JustWears was launched in 2018 by Yang Liu and Alex Walsh to address a gap in the men’s underwear market after their Kickstarter became the most-backed apparel campaign in the UK. Fed up with poorly fitting, sub-standard products made from unsustainable materials, the pair set out to revolutionise the basics industry by creating functional solutions for everyday clothing using materials made from natural sources including trees, seaweed and corn.

The funding round was led by Pembroke VCT, Ignite XL and Sunshine Ventures. Angel investors also included Hustle Fund general manager Elizabeth Yin and Pasta Evangelists co-founder James McArthur, who also participated in the round.

Check out JustWears here →


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